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We Can Still Be Friends


“We can still be friends” these five little words are the emotional equivalent of an A-bomb.

When you hear it your instinctive reaction is to try and fight against it. You want to argue I can change, things will be different, I still love you. All of these things are no doubt true and valid arguments but right now is not the time to make them.

When somebody says we can still be friends, they have achieved emotional superiority and are in many respects just finishing you off. As gut wrenching as it is, you must not react but instead agree with them, being friends would be fine. Then if your relationship is to have any chance of a future, you must walk away.

I know it seems counter intuitive, your heart wants to fight but your head must rule. Now you must retreat as you have lost this battle and it is time to develop a new strategy.

T.W. Jackson in his amazing e-book The Magic Of Making Up, demonstrates such a strategy.

His secret formula is mind blowingly effective yet still relatively simple to implement. The patterns that men and women follow in their relationships are universal and as such, once you understand these patterns, are easy to manipulate at will.

“We can still be friends” need not signal the end of your relationship, you just need to be equipped to deal with the emotional reaction that it creates.

Male/Female dynamics are very much a game, once you understand the rules you can’t lose.

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