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Description: How To Stop Your Divorce, Before it is Too Late.

Some 40% of marriages end in divorce It is a tragic circumstance that so many couples find their marriage teetering on this knife-edge. So what questions must you ask yourself, if you are to stop your divorce and prevent your marriage form becoming another sad statistic, in this painful divorce cycle?


Is Divorce What I Really Want?

This first question may seem rather obvious on the surface, but not everyone truly takes the time to search their soul before signing divorce papers. If there has been a lot of anger or other strong emotions present in the marriage, it can cloud your thinking and lead you to make decisions that aren’t always in your best interest. If you want to stop divorce, you must set your emotions aside, at least temporarily, and try to gain some perspective on the situation. Without some perspective the healing process inevitably will stall as the same old patterns resurface.

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What Am I Prepared to Lose Should I Divorce My Partner?

If your marriage has been in crisis for a long time and you are considering divorce, you likely have thought more about how much better off you will be by getting out of the marriage. Unfortunately, many people don’t realize what they had until it is gone. Don’t naively believe divorce will solve all your problems, there are bound to be painful consequences, of that you can be sure.

Undoubtedly there were happier times in your marriage. We tend to forget the good times when we are upset, angry, bitter, resentful, or hurt. Those emotions cloud everything and blind us to all the good things we have in our life. Try to set aside all the negative things which you are sure you won’t miss, and make a list of all the good things you will lose if you don’t stop divorce from happening. You might be surprised at the answers you come up with.

How Will This Affect Our Children?

The consequences of a divorce on our children can be significant and painful. Children often blame themselves when their parents split up. Also, it can significantly disrupt their overall sense of security. And if you are planning to share custody or allow weekend visits, consider the toll that that sort of arrangement will take on your children. To stop divorce may be the best thing you can do for them.

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What is This Going to Cost Me in Terms of Finances, Friendship and Family?

Consider what the real cost of a divorce may well be. Many people don’t really know how much they stand to lose until the divorce is final. While financial cost is certainly a factor, the true losses are usually much more painful. You may lose relationships with family members, particularly those of your spouse.

You may also lose friendships. Many people that are currently in your life as a couple may feel the need to choose sides if you don’t stop divorce. Your partners family and friends will certainly cool their relationship with you, if not cease it altogether, once your marriage has ended.

Those are just a few of the tough questions you really need to think through before proceeding with a divorce. While divorce may seem like the only solution at the moment, as you answer those questions you may decide that to stop divorce and work on healing your marriage is a far better solution to whatever marital challenges you and your spouse are facing.

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