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Reviewer : Ryan Hayes
Product Reviewed Rachel Rider’s, Relationship Recovery


Firstly thanks for visiting my Relationship Recovery Review. I feel it is reasonable to assume that if you are looking at Relationship Recovery Review, then you feel your relationship is in some trouble.

You have my sympathy. Nothing is harder than watching a relationship slowly slipping away, despite your best efforts. You also have my respect. The sheer fact that you are visiting my site, looking for guidance, demands respect.

You are taking positive action to try and fix your relationship, not sitting idly by as your love fades away. This is exactly the mindset you will need to make things right, before it is too late.

So can Rachel Rider’s Relationship Recovery, help rescue your relationship? Absolutely, without a doubt.

I review a lot of relationship guides via this website and I have to say Relationship Recovery is one of the most professional relationship help guides to cross my desk. It is part of the Meet Your Sweet product range, which has an extensive catalogue of relationship products, including Amy Waterman’s, Save My Marriage Today and Mirabelle Summers,2ndChance: How to Win Back the Love of Your Ex.

With such an excellent pedigree it is not surprising that Relationship Recovery is such a professional production.

The main eBook, “Relationship Recovery” is some 192 pages in length. It has 14 main chapters, some of the titles of which include,

  • It Starts With You
  • Dismantling What You Believe
  • Secrets of Successful Couples
  • Sex and Intimacy
  • A Word On Abuse

There is also a bonus eBook entitled Repair After Separation and an audio interview with Dr Rob Bilton and Counsellor Melody Chase, from the Centre For Life Management. Both of these products provide added value to the Relationship Recovery system.

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Relationship Recovery is very honest in its approach. There is very much an emphasis on understanding yourself, as well as your partner. The eBook examines our psychosocial development and the lifecycle of our relationships.
It goes on to look at the communication process within our relationships and how gender affects communication. I think we all appreciate that men and women have different relationship styles but understanding how to address these differences, was of great value to me.

Are you a “passive-aggressive” or do you “play the victim?” Perhaps you are a “doormat” or maybe “you blame and shame.” Recognizing and understanding these behaviors’ and the attitude adjustment required to move past them, are just some of the tools you will gain via this eBook.

As much as I am glowing in my praise of Relationship Recovery, I must point out that it is NOT a magic bullet. The road ahead may well be difficult and heartfelt. Becoming more self aware and understanding both your capabilities and limitations, is in its self a painful process.

Relationship Recovery no doubt will give you the guidance you will need to move forward but the will and effort, must come from you. If you feel that you aren’t willing to make that effort and take action, then perhaps you are better to put the money towards an average dinner and a cheap bottle of wine.

So if you accept that that your relationship isn’t working and understand that you must take some action to save it, then yes I can wholeheartedly recommend Rachel Rider’s Relationship Recovery.

Best of luck to the two of you.


Ryan Hayes

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